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Horns In Paradise

Horns in Paradise

I was sitting on a beach in North Goa, pure white sand, glorious sunshine the Arabian Sea spread out before me. Walking towards me were some women selling fruit, baskets on their heads. I ended up buying a whole water melon, not that I wanted it all but that’s the way it goes in some places. As I hacked at it digging out chunks, a delight in the sunshine juice running down my face and through my fingers, I was suddenly aware of movement close by.

Looking up I was face to face with a herd of cows. Large eyes staring with even larger horns making an intimidating sight. Not exactly small creatures, something I had not considered when buying the water melon. Eyes were staring at me from all sides as I continued eating, who would blink first?

Surely I am more intelligent than a cow? but those horns were big. By now I had eaten several pieces and a plan formed. I threw a piece of rind and some of the cows chased after it, success! So the remaining pieces were thrown along the beach cows scattering in all directions.

A quick movement of the towel covered the remnants of the water melon. Now it was hidden the cows wandered aimlessly looking for food. Which goes to show that even in paradise there are things with horns.

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On Monday I took my wife to lunch in Ampolla a little seaside town about 35 mins away. We decided to eat at a beach-side fish restaurant which we had noted on our previous visits. We sat overlooking the bay and started with a fish salad which comprised of various shell fish and TINNED tuna on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes with a seafood sauce. Then came a very nice paella all washed down with a bottle of white wine followed by coffees. Unfortunately we will not be eating there again. On Tuesday morning we both felt rather unwell I had a bad stomach so had to leave the shopping to my wife. She was not well either and was sick while she was out, needless to say we have spent the rest of the week regretting our choice of eating place. We are taking it steady and hoping that by Monday we will feel a lot better, its sad really that a very pleasent little restaurant could be so haphazard about the cooking of its food.  It made a small dent in my pocket which had we not been ill I would not have minded. However…. a thought has just crossed my mind its our birthdays this month and we usually go out for a meal!!!!!

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