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For the past few days I have seen a large white bird the same size as Ebert on the river. I did wonder if it was a white Heron, but am informed its, a Great Egret and a lady at that this is her story…

Yes, I am a very tall, stately lady. Slender, elegant and very very good at fishing, so good in fact that this Heron insists on taking a pole near me, in fact he’s been hanging around me ever since I arrived. If I am on the edge of the river he’s somewhere in the bank, head tucked in and sitting on dry, I repeat DRY land, how on earth does he expect to catch any food? Here I am wading around step by step in the shallows ( my reflection is just beautiful) even in this cold but I am not starving I am catching fish.

However, I have to admit that he does have his attractions and I have not yet found a mate still…. anyway, I can’t stand here chatting even if it is about someone as gorgeous as myself a girl has to eat you know. There is a little backwater I know of  further up the river, now if I can only get away from my admirer…

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I am a lady, long slender and tempting. Only please, if you are looking for a mate, make no appointments for tomorrow you won’t make them. Please do not think I am not appreciative of your advances, I am, it’s just I happen to be very fond of  small men and you fit the menu. mmmm.

I find that hanging around places like this or sitting on leaves is a perfect place to find my lunch No! I mean love. (must remember not to mention food just now).  I get hungry around now you look divine fancy a… (no, no stop it not yet) Yes, I am looking for a husband but somehow I can’t seem to find one or if I do I can not keep him. Is it something I say or something I do? please tell me, I really need to know and you look such a kind handsome understanding Mantis.  Oh yes I would like to have children and I am sure you would make a good father.

You would like to marry me? me? who never gets to be the bride, you want to marry me? Oh no no I’d love to be Mrs Mantis I really would.

No officer I really don’t know what happened. We had a wonderful courtship, he was very attentive and showed himself to be very caring and when we tied the knot he seemed so happy then he just lost his head…..

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