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For a week now in the early morning I have been taking singing lessons ( well whistling lessons actually).  Singing lessons? I hear you say, early morning??? well yes.  Take a good look at this little fella this is my Singing Teacher.

It all started about a week ago around 6am just as it was getting light.  From somewhere in the big olive tree outside the bedroom this bird started singing.  Now what you have to remember is the tree literally is right outside our window which in the summer we leave open at night (there is an anti bug and Sid screen built into the window if it was not there my wife would not sleep).

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Waking up to birds singing is quite normal, Boris gives forth as soon as its daylight.  This little chap starts around 6am, like Boris his voice is clear, strong and musical, but there is a distinct call to it.

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Anyway I got up and went to see if I could see him, but he had flown off into one of the other trees.  Next day was the same so by the 3rd day I decided I would join in, well as I was up it seemed natural. So there he sat in the tree trilling with me whistling back, got quite good at it actually.  But we still could not get his photo, until, that is, this morning.

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It happened that last night was really hot so my wife was up around 5.30am making a cuppa when she heard him singing.  Looking out of the kitchen window there he was sitting on the roof of the little house happy as larry.  Well she knew where he was so she backed away and went to fetch her camera.  This might seem strange but we have learnt with this lot, we can be sat outside or working in the garden and up they pop.  Get the camera and whoosh they are nowhere to be seen, how she got Bobbin to stay still for his I don’t know.  Still it is nice to know they are coming back.  We were a little worried as when we returned home after our visit to the UK at Christmas there were no birds at all, not even Bobbin or Boris.  It took around a month for them to start returning, but I am pleased to say they are nearly all home again.

But there is one thing I do not know  who is he? any ideas peeps?  it would be lovely to know the name of my singing teacher……

©   Michael Douglas Bosc

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Dobe do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da, da  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet. I’m sitting here singing my song, come and sing along tweet tweet tweet.  I watched this play in the middle of the day,  who do we need NEST BUSTERS.
 Dobe do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet, tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet
When your watching a man knocking bricks from a wall, who you gonna call   NEST BUSTERS

Theres a nest in there from a Blue Tit pair  who you gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

He stopped and looked and got the stare  who you gonna call   NEST BUSTERS

Dode do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da,  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet

The parents come and the parents go who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

Their little lad doesn’t want to know  who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

What he wants is his food all day  who they gonna call NEST BUSTERS

There he sits in his nest in the bricks who they gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

To get him out they call and shout  definitely need   NEST BUSTERS

Cant get move that lad he’s fat that’s bad  who they gonna call  NEST BUSTERS

Dode do da da da da, dooby dooby dooby da da,  tweety tweet tweet tweet tweet tweety tweety tweety tweet tweet

Now come on son out you come or I’m gonna call NEST BUSTERS

Got to learn to fly way up in the sky  I’m gonna call NEST BUSTERS

This wall of blocks is coming down so you gotta fly   NEST BUSTERS

Bobbin Robbin
Dangerous McGrew                 The Nest Busters

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I am Whoopy Doopy

Well halloo,  my name is Whoopy Doopy  whats yours? I’m a Hoopoe bird although I get called a Whoopee bird by some humans (can’t think why). I know I’m a bit of a playboy, but no more than Boris, we have had our adventures let me tell you.

The Nectarine Groves in Bloom

Anyway,  I was recently minding my own business wandering around the Nectarine trees looking for bugs, when Bobbin Robbin called over and asked me if I would pose for some photographs for these humans. Apparently it would help him and the others get some freshly dug bugs and insects, why they couldn’t fly down here to the fruit trees I don’t know. The humans have been a bit late with the pruning because of the strange weather and the bugs and insects are in abundance.  I must admit that up there they do have the odd olives still on the trees, very good for a bird the odd olive.  Apparently the humans didn’t gather much last year,  anyway I digress. Well, I thought why not, it won’t hurt and it might make my fortune, the lady Hoopoe’s will love me.


The Over The Shoulder

So one afternoon she turned up wandering around camera in hand so I turned on the charm.  First I pretended to be shy and flew away, but not too far, and she crept after me. It was so funny to see that I did it again. But I soon realised that she would not play this game too often and might even go looking for another bird.   So I flew up into a tree and did  few poses, you know the sort looking over my shoulder and all that. 

Me Looking Studious

 Then some of me in the grass under the trees, where I thought I looked my best. One shot in part shade the other in the open (my good side)

Good Plumage and Colour

So now I wait for my first appearance on Bird tv and in Birdwatch Magazine.  Ohhh I can’t wait, all those gorgeous females… Look I have to go,  got to get my crest dressed, bye.

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