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Sunny Torquay? whose kidding who? lumpy sun the humans call it, Christmas is over and its STILL raining.  Oh well I suppose we will have to get used to it, but personally I really am fed up getting wet all the time, so with this in mind I decided to go to the harbour and find Wizz Gull. Whilst sitting under an abandoned shed roof I decided to write and perform a song for Mother Nature, who knows if she likes it enough she might just turn the tap off.

Where does Wizz Gull come into this? well he is a music writer and I needed a tune for my song so down the harbour I went to find Wizz.  He normally sits near a rather nice pub/eating place which over looks the harbour and ferry that goes to a fishing port called Brixham,  I was surprised not to find Wizz sitting in his usual place watching for the fishing boats to come into harbour.  He likes Torquay, its open, lots of humans about and they play some cool music, must be where he gets his ideas from.

Anyway, it took me two days to find him, but I eventually got him by the restaurant,  then we went and sat on the roof where we had a short discussion.  “Look I want to sing a cheer-up song not just for us but for the humans.” I said, “But I need a tune can you help Wizz?”  Wizz took a few paces backwards and forwards then stopped. “Yep man, I think I know just the tune”, then with his head on one side he began to hum it.

Whilst he was humming it I was busy writing down words, it’s called Lumpy Sunshine and goes something like this:

Lumpy Sunshine


Torquay is the town where the sun always shone down

The people they would sunbathe all over town

Summer was grand the people were tanned

But turned out Mother Nature had other plans


Then it started raining

Only lumpy sunshine now


We birds are getting wet and the people getting sad

Don’t feel like singing feel so drab

Glum faces appearing all around

Nowhere is there a piece of dry ground


Then it started raining

Only lumpy sunshine now


So come on Mother Nature give us all a break

Stop this rain for everyone’s sake

Put on your smile and dry us out

Then we’ll feel like singing and flying about


Now we all need sunshine

Don’t want no lumpy stuff no more

Now we all need sunshine

Don’t want no lumpy stuff no more

Well I sat in my tree and sang it to her,  Wizz and his group provided the backing, I thought we did well all the others came out and chirriped along.  Wizz said if it works we might make an album,  well the humans do it and he thinks we are better movers than someone called Jagger???

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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For months now it has not rained, this has been a particularly bad year.  We provided a water bar for the birds so they had somewhere to go to drink and bathe.  The cisterna was getting low so we had a delivery of water for the house then bought two 1000,ltr cubes for the garden but even with all this it was a struggle.

We were not allowed to have a BBQ because of the fire risk, which unfortunately in our region was great. Three fires in total with others to the south and north which caused several deaths, not to mention the heat.

But we kept our eyes on the sky, got excited when the weather men predicted rain then disappointment set in when none appeared.  Whilst all this was going on, nothing grew.  The ground became rock hard, I needed a pick to break the soil, even the cacti were suffering all drooped over and saggy.  We did try to water as often as we could but the heat basically meant we were fighting a loosing battle.

We did have a small bit one day  wow what an exciting time but after about half an hour and only a few spots in the dust to show its passing that was it.

We looked at the UK  Drowning in rain, no let up anywhere, so much WHERE WAS OURS!!!!  Then this weekend we watched Country File and the weather map showed rain for Thursday.  By this time we had not only become philosophic about the rain but sarcastic as well.  ‘As if’ and ‘ oh yeh? which year?’ were remarks.  My wife had taken the cushions off the veranda settee just in case but they had been in and out so often Wednesday she left them out.

Wednesday dawned bright with a heavy dew prompting my wife to get on with the cacti garden.  By 10am it was getting warm and the wasps and black biting flies were out so she came in.  Nothing in the sky to give cause just a few white clouds wandering past towards the coast.  So as was our want we left home that afternoon, me to play petanca and my wife to do some research.  So when later after a conversation on-line with a friend, I met my wife for a coffee at Bar Turu, it came over cloudy we got a little bit curious.  This was not supposed to be  here!

A friend joined us for a drink and as most Brits do the conversation turned to the weather and how we ‘Campo’ dwellers were coping with the water situation.  Gardening was discussed along with the wildlife and birds, so of course water, or the lack of it, came up. Our friend looking at the sky said ‘I hope it’s not going to rain till tomorrow I’ve still got to put my guttering back up.’  then a few minutes later we felt two spots and he dashed off home.  We also left for home my wife saying ‘it may be dark but it always rains somewhere else it’s not fair.’  But then once we were on river road she noticed the lightning, ‘oh my god did you see that?’  she said with a slight jump as a large flash lit the sky followed by a rather loud roll of thunder.

Turning onto the forest track it started raining.  Large spots landed on the window screen whilst streaks and flashes of lightning lit the sky.  Rain at last the drought was broken!

When we arrived home it had only just started to rain but it began coming down hard and heavy, we managed to get the cushions in before there was a large flash and the storm announced its arrival with a window shaking clap of thunder.  It rained oh how it rained, all through the night we had rain as small storms rumbled their way past.

This morning we woke to a clear sky bit grey but we could see the moon, and the large puddle we always get when it rains for real.  Next minuet there was a slight breeze as a front came over followed by a small storm cloud which washed the trees, watered – as if we now needed it – the forest and garden and wandered off.  My wife had made a cup of tea so sitting in bed drinking, we watched as the sun began to transfer the olive tree.  Covered in rain drops water dripping from its leaves it twinkled and glittered as if covered with jewels.  As the sun rose higher and the clouds dispersed, water dripped from the tree making it seem as if a rainbow was sitting there the light on the bedroom wall shone with the colours.  Although this only lasted a few minutes it was fascinating, nature is wonderful.

So we have our cubes full, buckets full, cisterna full, lets hope it will fill up the underground rivers enough to get us through next summer.  We no longer look to the UK in envy  WE HAVE RAIN AT LAST!!!! and my wife who is normally scared of storms never complained once….

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Que pasa?

I stalk them here, I stalk them there,
I stalk those birdies everywhere.
In a bush or in a tree,
Those birdies keep ahead of me.
But I am crafty I am slick,
With my trusty camera I will click.
At last I cry I’ve got you mate,
Then look to see he’d flown oh great.
But at long last I have found,
The simplest way is stand my ground.
So in my chair beneath the tree,
No camera have I on my knee.
Then here they are all flying round,
And pecking at the stony ground.
Oh I give up I can not win,
It’s just not fair it’s such a sin.
So I’ll just sit here in the sun,
Watching the blighters having fun.

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Oi! What Are You Writing?

What does he think he’s doing sitting in there. It’s not right, It’s not fair. I mean there  I was, sitting  in an almond tree minding my own business taking in the sun and singing away happy as Larry, when along he comes with his daughter and son-in-law in tow and starts poking around in the branches. Well, I mean, what was I supposed to do?   Anyway, I stopped singing, waited until he turned away then jumped on his shoulder for a ride.  I mean fair doo’s, he disturb me. 

On that basis I thought, it  is only right he should carry me to my next tree.  Only it didn’t quite work out that way…. 

We had almost got to the tree when hs daughter went  ‘Ohhhh dad whats that on your shoulder?’  next thing I know Matey – that was he was called – got me off  my transport and put me on here.  Then he get’s his camera and starts taking pictures (hope he got my good side) whilst my transport went inside this tent thing and started writing.  So here I am hanging upside down on the out side whilst my transport is in there and wont come out.  I expect he thinks I can walk over the top and fly the few feet to the tree.  No way sunshine, your my taxi, and if you want a good tip finish the journey instead of  leaving me hanging around.

Honestly what next, the kids have called their mum to come and look at me, I should start charging. It’s not right is it?  I need to get to my next tree, it’s just behind him but he’s not having it.  These author’s, no consideration for others unless they are in a story. 

Lady Hanna

‘Oi, yes you mate, come on fair’s fair,  Lady Hanna the Cannibal got a ride on your wifes trousers down to the field, she told me so just after she ate her husband,  so how about my ride to that tree?

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The macer and forest

Writing is a consuming occupation. I have been so tied up in other events that I almost lost sight of where I live, and why I live here. We chose this place, our little bit of heaven, from one photograph on a sales blurb.  What makes you choose where you live? well apart from the reason you are looking to move it’s the feel of the house when you walk in the door; it will either say welcome home or I’m not for you.  Very seldom is it the surroundings, but in our case that was exactly what grabbed us.  

We looked at the photograph of a small Spanish house with a cisterna at its side and a large olive tree to the right and fell in love.  We came here knowing that we would have to be very green and inventive in our life style. The family thought we were mad but I am not sure they still think it now.  We have everything everyone else has electricity via solar and batteries, with generator backup for the winter months and to run the washing machine.  Hot water system, cooking and fridge/freezer are run by bottled gas, whilst the fire is fueled by wood.  We are not allowed to cut trees down without permission but being in the valley the wind can sometimes be very strong and trees are often blown down so there is never a shortage.

 Our main problem is water. We do not have a well and the cost of drilling one would be prohibitive, so we have stayed with the cisterna plus a header tank which provides the pressure for showers and washing machine. As I said before we have decided to add a few more tanks so that if the family come to visit there is plenty of water. The one thing we have learnt is how to conserve it, such as the washing is done once a week not every day. We shower quickly not take ages in there, the washing up is the only exception, all in all we have it sussed.

So how do we cope in the winter? quite well actually. The strange thing is last year it snowed and we were very warm and cosy. This year it has been so cold, that we have had to have the portable gas fire on in the bathroom during the evening and bedroom during the day as well as the fire going.  It is unusual in the fact that neither the house nor outside temperature have warmed up, so we have been cutting extra wood, it is surprising how many fallen trees you can find when you look.  Who said can’t see the trees for the wood? it can be very true.

I am pleased to think that when I get cross with the things I see happening in the world I can step outside and get a better prospective on life, its a true place of sanctuary.

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