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Well as always up here life is full of surprises.  Take this morning, there we were getting ready for our visit to Riber Rojo when I heard my wife saying “not a chance sunshine”.  It turned out, a young cat had suddenly appeared at the kitchen window and was obviously looking for food.  Now this was definitely not a wild cat but a feral one.  Thin, white coat with brown and dark markings.  Word has obviously got around the wildlife, nothing changes up here.

Reina – Friend and Restaurant

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Anyway, after this excitement, oh I almost forgot.  Yesterday afternoon I needed to get some distilled water, so I needed to go into town but I could not find my bag.  Now this was serious as my driving licence, money, phone and other things were in it.  We tried ringing the phone in case I had left it in the car boot, nothing.  I knew I had not left it on the beach as I had it when we went to the restaurant…… yep I had got up and walked out without it.   A mad dash found me in town at Reina’s which was full to the gunnels with people enjoying drinks and meals.

As I walked towards the counter I was greeted with “ah senior tu balsa” where upon the young lady held up my bag.  I cannot tell you what that senior moment did to my BP.  I was so pleased with the honesty of these people, when I offered them some money as a reward they told me they were glad of my custom and that was enough.  Now that is something to treasure and I do.  I am quite steadfast about my food we have eaten here a few times and I can honestly say that it is excellent.  So it was a nice surprise this morning when relating the story to Reina I discovered that the restaurant is run by his family, the Chef had studied in London. Oh yes Reina (pronounced Rayner) is the one in the middle.

Sand Sea and Sunshine

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For the first time this year we went to the seaside proper, swimming costumes, umbrella, beach towels the lot.  Now unlike the tourists we are not able to be out in the heat all day, but in the evening it is really pleasant to go to the beach which is un-crowded, and have a swim or just people watch.   We spent a few hours then went home perfect end to a hot day.

Books and Things


I have been busy translating my books into Spanish.  So most mornings we are up early doing the watering and any tidying such as the grape-vine which decided to pick Sunday morning to fall off the FFZ roof – the string broke – so there I was up the ladder with wire this time fixing it back into place. Then breakfast and translating, just another day in the life of an author…..


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After a hard or tiring day put your feet up and and take a peek at these nothing strenuous just a few realxing reflections. Ones where the water shimmers, others where it’s a clear as glass, still and calm, oneday I’ll show all of them.

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