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A short while ago my granddaughter came to visit, and I took her across the river to the Train Museum in Mora La’ Nova.  I had never been but always because my father who was ex RN, worked in the GWR at Swindon after the war. We arrived to find that the museum was closed but after talking to a really nice man Jordi who turned out to be in charge and explaining that Maggie was over from the UK and returning the next day he offered to show us round.

It was like walking back in time for me, memories of catching the milk train into Swindon for work, the smoke, noise and smell of steam trains came racing back.  For Maggie it was a look into her Great Grandfathers past, a history of something long gone but something that still held romance – adventure even – in others including myself.

Now Jordi has a small problem getting volunteers.  Not many people here understand volunteering (working with out pay for the love of it) and the museum needs




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