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Since the nights here have turned really cold I have been sitting under this roof above a doorway huddled on a small no, minute ledge of stone and snuggled into the corner where although not a soft bush I am able to gain some protection from the wind, rain and cold.

I get here around dusk and stay put till the morning, its ok, but the ‘Big Ones’ will appear in the night-time and disturb me. The door opens and light streams out then there are exclamations of  ‘Oh look he’s here again’,  I don’t mind that, so much as the bright light thats directed at me. Anyway they wander off to the house of their dragon and a few minutes later all is quiet; then comes the ‘he’s still there ahhhhh’ bit followed by the closing of the door which is followed by a chunk, chunk sound then all returns to peace.

It is not that there are no other places to roost but this is warmer. I have tried other parts of the buildings but most of them are taken, the nesting problem is a little difficult, don’t suppose the `Big Ones’ have that problem in their world.  Still I am looking round for a better place to spend the nights, I might even find a mate then a nice warm nest then…. oh no what am saying, eggs, chicks, mouths to feed no no I’ll stick to my ledge for now.

Ahhh  this is it getting warm.  Thinking back I did try sheltering on a ledge by the chimney stack but it was too open and I had to puff up my feathers to keep warm I looked like a puff-ball with a beak then one of the ‘Big Ones’ pointed a flashy thing at me. Well whatever keeps them happy, after finding this little space I am fine for now but if it gets really cold I will have to consider cuddling up to the chimney, the dragons house is too smelly and noisy and only last for a short time.

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