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 The North Wind Doth Blow….


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ok well as a few of you have noticed (those living here) its got colder all of a sudden and WINDY!!!! something we know about first hand. We were sat watching tv yesterday when we heard the wind get up, the wind generator  was whirring round when a gust went across the front of the house bending the walnut tree then there was an almighty bang. I jumped up looked out of the window in time to see the boys cage disappearing past the wall this was followed by another crash and me dashing for the door.  Throwing it open and expecting to see the cage turned over and broken not to mention the boys being hurt I found (thank god) that the noise was the shed roof which had been completely blown off including some huge metal wheels which were on top.  We decided to play safe and placed the two shaken but not hurt boys inside the kitchen (very glad their cage is on wheels) then went to re-fit the shed roof.

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As you can see the wind took two of the sheet metal roofing and tossed them over by the little house, knocking over the old cement mixer (destined for flower-pot) and you can also see one of the large metal wheels that was on the roof thrown to the floor. As Michael said when surveying the damage, if we had been working out there we would have been hurt most definitely had a bad headache at the very least. Two hours later as it was getting dark after collecting the sheets of roof metal, gathering the fixing hooks, cement made and used to re-fix the poles in place, roof back up and bolted into place again with the huge metal wheels used as weights we AT LAST had the job finished.  One quick look round to make sure nothing else needed sorting we turned on the generator and retired for an evening of Castle.

The boys were most definitely shaken but not stirred as they sat one at either end of their roof perch, but this morning they were back cuddled up together.

They say snow is on its way along with rain but up here it means more wind……

(c) Michael Douglas Bosc

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On the 22nd October 2010 the Earth was hit by a major solar storm, vast amounts of  radiation disrupted the Earths magnetic field and the views of the Aurora Borealis were immense. These storms hit the Earth on a fairly regular basis but are ignored as if they were of no concern to us, any damage caused to the magnetic fields affect our communications and weather patterns. After this storm major weather disruption has affected large areas of the World, severe cold fronts have repeatedly affected the northern hemisphere bringing an early winter and record low temperatures, even in the southern hemisphere variations in the weather have been acute, snow in Australia. The Sun is our largest source of energy and radiation, it’s affect on the Earth’s weather must be greater than anything man can do, so why do we ignore it when forecasting weather, surely all factors should be considered, but it’s as if this does not exist for Meteorologists, when will they wake up?

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