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A while ago I wrote about the water situation here, but there was one thing I forgot to mention FIRE!

We were first aware of the situation when collecting water around 7am Thursday morning.

We could hear then we saw the firefighting helicopters with their buckets hanging down, Then this morning we could hear the float planes so we knew it was not over.

Normally it rains in April and May so there is no problem, but for the past 3-4 years it has been getting drier and drier and this year is no exception.  So far we have seen two huge fires one of which is still burning in the Monsant wine region.  I have spoken to a friend there and they are worried because a few vineyards have already gone.  In May there was a large fire which took out 18000 acres of both forest and vineyard.

What causes them? Well like the huge wild-fire in the Rockies, they can be started by lightning. It is unfortunate here but people seem to be the cause of these fires.  Then there is another bit of nature to contend with.  From around 10.30am the wind gets up and blows down our valley, strong enough to drive our wind generator.  If this is happening across the river in those vallies then they have a real problem and I think this must be happening as the smoke from the fire looks like a misty foggy haze.

What we really need are some summer storms or heavy prolonged rain.  It has been 37c here today and that was at 7.30pm, as I sit here I am sweating but all the windows are open there is a slight breeze but no respite.

I am so very very glad the bombers and Forestals are experts, at the moment of writing my wife has all my writing materials packed ready, just in case…..

(c) Michael Bosc

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One of the things that we are most scared of living where we do is fire,  and today was the day when the fear nearly came to life.

My computer has been ill and I have not been able to work for a few weeks, so when a fellow author told me about a really good ‘computer man’ I got in touch and today (Saturday) was ‘mend the laptop day’.   My wife took it into town to Paul and I stayed behind, well it was Saturday and that means football on tv.  I also had a few jobs to do and the weather for once was sunny. 

I had been outside checking a few things and could hear what sounded like ‘firecrackers’ going off in the forest.  It was not a shooting day – that’s Sunday’s and Thursday’s – it could have been the village letting off day time fireworks – as they do – but there was no smoke in the sky.  But I felt a bit uneasy so armed with my mobile I climbed the ridge and looked towards the river.  Bloody hell I thought.  I could see the cause of the noise now, a fire, creeping towards the forest and going quite well.  So I phoned the Bombers who told me they were on the way and sure enough they turned up as we were speaking.  

Now these guys are really on the ball, they are ready for such events as they practice at the bottom of the track and we have often headed out to petanca only to find them with hoses across the track putting out ‘pretend’ fires (non-existant fires).  Then came the procession of cars up and down the track Agents Rurals plus various other vehicles. 

The weather here has been damp and cold for the past few days so I suppose that someone thought it was ok to do some burning.  The problem is at around midday the wind is blowing and it’s really not wise to burn after 11.30am, as this is when the wind starts to wake up.  I can only surmise that as I said someone decided to do some burning and it got out of hand or a dog-end was thrown from a passing vehicle, the third supposition does not bear contemplating.

Now you might be wondering where my wife was  –  still in town with the repairman.  But I had an escape vehicle … my bike!!

But all’s well that end’s well.  The laptop is well again and the fire is out, but it does make you think it may not have looked much a of a burning BUT!  if it had reached the forest………..

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