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Today has been a rather cold and dreary day so around 2pm we decided to go for a drive, Mrs Bosc to see if she could get some pictures of Erbert the Eron and I wanted to see if we could find a way up to the windmills they have been puttin up on the range behind the village.

We drove along the winding roads through the mountains to the Falset Vinebre road, twisting and climbing through the passes. The terrane is rugged with valleys layered is vines and olive groves, with the season ending the remaining leaves of the vines are ruset in colour.

We came to a bend in the pass and there rising through the clouds were the tops of windmills rising like spectors. We travelled on a little further and as the angle changed so more appeared, as though sentinals standing in line watching, waiting for instructions to begin their turning to produce electricity.

For once we found the road easily, we did not get lost as usual, and the climb up to the ridge was interesting. As we climbed we saw the windmills appearing out of the clouds majestic standing tall and still waiting…

The return journey was eventful for pictures of Erbert and his friends, so I have managed to place his photo on his story. Even if I say so myself he is a handsome bird, although what his ‘friend’ is we don’t know I think its a Stork Mrs Bosc thinks it’s a white Heron.

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