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In winter deep and underground we wake anew

    Poking our leaves through tepid earth

We push our way into a cold world

  Sometimes there is frost around or a heavy dew

But on we go our growth renewed

All through winter into spring we spread our new leaves

Fed by the winter’s sun watered by the heavy dew

 On we grow we gallant few growing fast we make a crown

With rosette shaped leaves it leaves the ground

On leafy stems we start to grow with heads held high

Taking the flowers towards the sky we stretch and grow it is such fun

           Now with bowed heads in a state of grace we lift our blooms to face the sun

        A breather first before we’re done then each bloom begins to to bend

Now one by one we open out our trumpets white and proud

Our perfume is taken on the breeze to scent the evening air

Here we stand in drifts of white a delight for all to see

In open ground or in the trees we sway and to the movement of the breeze

So here we stand in drifts and clouds of perfumed white

Eventually we fade our show is done now we return to earth to rest

To sleep, replenish and renew till winter returns and calls anew

Then we awake and grow for next year is another show

(c) C A Bosc

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Since the nights here have turned really cold I have been sitting under this roof above a doorway huddled on a small no, minute ledge of stone and snuggled into the corner where although not a soft bush I am able to gain some protection from the wind, rain and cold.

I get here around dusk and stay put till the morning, its ok, but the ‘Big Ones’ will appear in the night-time and disturb me. The door opens and light streams out then there are exclamations of  ‘Oh look he’s here again’,  I don’t mind that, so much as the bright light thats directed at me. Anyway they wander off to the house of their dragon and a few minutes later all is quiet; then comes the ‘he’s still there ahhhhh’ bit followed by the closing of the door which is followed by a chunk, chunk sound then all returns to peace.

It is not that there are no other places to roost but this is warmer. I have tried other parts of the buildings but most of them are taken, the nesting problem is a little difficult, don’t suppose the `Big Ones’ have that problem in their world.  Still I am looking round for a better place to spend the nights, I might even find a mate then a nice warm nest then…. oh no what am saying, eggs, chicks, mouths to feed no no I’ll stick to my ledge for now.

Ahhh  this is it getting warm.  Thinking back I did try sheltering on a ledge by the chimney stack but it was too open and I had to puff up my feathers to keep warm I looked like a puff-ball with a beak then one of the ‘Big Ones’ pointed a flashy thing at me. Well whatever keeps them happy, after finding this little space I am fine for now but if it gets really cold I will have to consider cuddling up to the chimney, the dragons house is too smelly and noisy and only last for a short time.

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We were visiting family in Moline one winter and discovered things in the wild were not what they seemed. When we arrived it was so cold we could feel it as we breathed. It had snowed and where the snow ploughs had passed the banks of snow alongside the road were higher than we were.  We spent some time wandering round in the arsenal on the island to keep out of the snow. There is a vast array of guns on display, quite disconcerting for a non-American, but also very interesting from an historical view and well worth the visit. It was when we left there and drove along the Mississippi looking in disbelief at the frozen water we noticed holes in the ice with large stumps of wood beside them. Whilst we watched and discussed them a ‘stump’ suddenly darted forward and came up with a fish. It was a Bald Eagle doing its thing, we were fascinated and watched for several minutes to see if others did the same.  But our best day came just before our return home. We had gone for a drive and discovered a Cannel where the Bald Eagles were all over the trees. People were there doing what we were, looking and taking pictures.  The car park on our side of the cannel had a small wooded clearing and up in one of these trees was an eagle, head cocked to one side looking down at us with its beady eye. Not moving, with an expression of  ‘I’m watching you’ on its face; or perhaps it was saying ”here’s looking at you”!!! Either way a welcome memory. 

On our next visit, we were warned to be very careful when driving along the river as the Eagles were back and looking for nesting sites. People being so glad to see them were often not concentrating on the road and accidents were happening.  You can understand how, they made an impressive sight with their huge wing span and  grace.

Now many years later we live in a forest on the edge of a small National Park especially for the Eagles in this range of mountains. The mesa we live in front of is a favourite haunt of our eagles, of which there are several types. There is however a Fish Eagle that flies along the Ebro and yes watching it when driving is hazardous to your health the river road is narrow!!

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