I enjoy historical events, they come with a surprise sometimes. The South Sea Island Company is one such incident, commonly referred to as The South Sea Bubble, early 1700s under the Treaty of Utrecht, Britain set up this company to sell African slaves into South America. This was the South Sea Island which surprised me somewhat as Spain and Portugal who owned most of South America at this time, would not let this happen and so the company sold slaves into The Caribbean Islands. In 1715 the Governor of this company was George the Prince of Wales, from1718-21 George I from 1727-56 George II from 1760-1808 George III from 1820-26 George IV from 1826-30 William IV from 1836-37 Queen Victoria. Many people myself included, thought the Royal Family like most very wealthy people, would have been financially linked to slave trading indirectly, but I never dreamed they were actively involved with the purchase and sale of Slaves. For a long period of time, until the middle of the 1800s, the opposition to slavery by some of the political classes which as a consequence the South Sea company just faded away.

But of course today Slavery is once again a very hot topic, as it is linked in many instances to how society acts and operates towards the descendants of the many slaves. With the attitude of the high and mighty I wonder what The Duke of Cambridge must think of his ancestors who sat on the throne of Britain and traded in slaves. I mean, they didn’t actually go down to the docks in Africa and physically buy them, but they might just of well done this, there wealth is based in blood.

M D Bosc

Michael Douglas Bosc

Michael Biswell



Portsmouth or to be more precise Portsea Island, at the end of this island is old Portsmouth where Henry the Eighth looked out at his fleet, including The Mary Rose. This area owes its rise to France and a lesser extent Spain, there was always a time when France was going to invade this island, they did it once in 1066, I wonder what happened there, and since that time the Navy has had a major role to play in the defence especially of the south coast and its base in Portsmouth. Portsea Island was at sea level when the the first buildings were constructed, the Romans built a fort at Portchester on land that was a bit drier and defended the harbour from inside. But as the navy grew so did Portsea Island and from having a small settlement at the southwest corner it grew and grew until the entire Island became known as Portsmouth, it even extends onto dry land now. Many years I sailed a 23ft boat out of Portchester, on returning to harbour my engine failed right in the middle of Portsmouth harbour entrance, all the Wight island ferries stopped, Brittany ferries Brettagne stopped, fortunately another boat threw me a line and towed my little boat into Haslar creek, this is my addition to the history of this famous port.

Last week something happened that is unfortunately a regular occurrence here, the sewers broke down and flooded, because the island is at or even below sea level gravity is working against the flow of liquids to anywhere. So it has to be pumped, and how many times has the pond been flooded? So I have questions:-

1) why do people keep building new houses here? it cannot cope with the current population, every spare piece of land provides a place to build. When industry fails they build houses and flats there, the infrastructure cannot handle what already exists.

2) my other question also touches on the same question, Rising sea levels? at Southsea there is a shingle beach at Portsmouth harbour entrance concrete but that is it. Langstone harbour nothing at all has been done for centuries, so, why has Portsmouth not flooded completely? Hilsea pond has no sea walls at all, so this should be the first place to go underwater, perhaps someone can tell me why it hasn’t happened. I get the melting ice and I get the rising sea temperatures so where is the water going? Why is Portsmouth still dry land and why is nobody panicking and building sea walls and why are they building houses and flats without any protection from the sea?

Any Answers Please?

M D Bosc

Michael Douglas Bosc

Michael Biswell

“And tonight on the Laura Kuenssberg show, the person you have all been waiting to see Dominic Cummings!”

Applause, Applause, Applause, Turn the machine off.

“Hello Dominic, may i call you Dominic?”

“Yes of course Laura.”

“Now Dominic what everyone is waiting to hear about is the decisions and intrigues of life in number 10, power at the highest level.”

“It depends what you mean by the highest level?”

Laughter, Laughter, Laughter. turn machine off.

“First of all Dominic what were your thoughts when you were elected leader of the conservative party?”

“Well Laura, it was clear they needed a new direction and you only had to look at the other candidates to realise it was a slam dunk, they were all hopeless and they needed my intelligence.”

“Absolutely Dominic, and then your next triumph winning the general election.”

“Once again Laura, who was there to beat, there was Joe Stalin on one side and mister nobody on the other and my policies were superior to those presented by anyone else, my great leadership qualities shone through, I am a great man.”

“Well yes, and then Prime Minister, forming a government.”

“Yes that was the difficult part nobody matches up to me, I could have done all their jobs without having secretaries of state or ministers my intellect was so much higher than this rabble, but I had to pick some, I let the Queen kiss my hands she knew who was boss straight away.”

“And then you woke up from your dream sequence Dominic and found you had been sacked?”

“That bloody woman, I told her I was the boss but she kept on arguing, the bloody RSPB is back in charge.”

“When you were in number 10 everyone hated you because of the power you had and for supporting Boris Johnson but when you got sacked you hated Boris Johnson and everybody loved you how does this make you feel?”

“Well it shows quite clearly who was right and who was wrong, the newspapers support me and all the media support me even Jeremy Hunt supports me so you know I am right.”

“Was David Upset?”

“Cameron he is an old has been.”

“No not Cameron, David Icke?”

“David Icke, yes, he like me has a superior intelligence we sit upon Mount Olympus and gaze down at the puny human beings deciding what is best for man.”

“So now you are going to become the leader of the Labour party, and stand for election.”

“Someone has to cock-up the Labour party.”

“Thank you Dominic.”

M. D. Bosc

Michael Douglas Bosc

M. D. Biswell

Its a funny old world isn’t it. In the middle of last year Dominic Cummings was fire proof, the centre of the known universe impervious to all criticism and the most hated person in number 10 Downing Street. Every newspaper hated him with a vengeance without exception, right across the political spectrum from the extreme right to the extreme left and usually for the same reasons, he had his own agenda and he had too much power, the swine.

A few months later, what was that horror film called “CARRIE” yes Carrie and for poor Dominic it was indeed a horror story. He went from being at the very peak of the decision making coterie to walking out with a cardboard box and a wry smile on his face. Off he trudged out into the ugly old world ready to be attacked with all the brickbats of hatred from all his opinionated enemies, but no!

All these so called enemies were suddenly his greatest supporters. Newspapers literally threw money at him, vast sums of money, and the BBC? well like the FBI they had his photograph on their public enemy number one board as the anti-Christ, the devil incarnate, who should never be communicated with, but now he was suddenly their Besty, BFF and sleepover pal, I wonder why?

Boris Johnson, and the chattering classes hate him, oh my do they hate him. They hate him so much that now they like Dominic Cummings gosh yes they love him! Come and talk to us Dominic welcome to the Houses of Parliament, speak to the world Mr Hunt said. This from the man who was Health Secretary for six years before the pandemic and planned for nothing but is now the expert, the ultimate expert, on Cocid19, gosh! Yes, a know all know nothing and he is Dominic Cummings Besty.

Now the BBC, not to be out done by the other Pariahs who hate Boris will give Dominic Cummings the full celebrity treatment as if he were Princess Diana. Have they got their top interviewer Mr Martin Bashir, or some other mediocre political hack to carry out the attempted assassination? ET TU Dominic, loyalty, that is how the UK media operates. not pleasant viewing, will they have thumbs up or thumbs down.

Nobody likes Dominic Cummings, not even his friends like him and this shows everything that is wrong with English politics.

The Ugly Englishman.

M D Bosc

Michael Douglas Bosc

Michael Biswell




Some while ago our TP link router failed and my wife took it to the Orange shop in Mora D’ebre and purchased a new one, so far so good, my wifes smart phone ran out of data storage because of all the add on’s so she bought a new one and informed the girl that she needed the same phone number which the girl said yes no problem, she phoned me then I tried to phone her without success, Carol phoned a friend and he tried to phone her back without success, he checked the incoming number and it was different, two days of arguing with the girl and finally someone worked out she had not cleared down the computer screen and had allocated different number, problem finally sorted.

Three weeks ago our TP link router failed.

So my wife took the router to the shop in Mora D’ebre, two different persons serving, “it is under warranty, we have to send it away to be repaired” fine said my wife and left it there, she called in a few days later to check on progress and was informed “it will be back Tuesday” so now we would be without a router for close on another week, so she decided to purchase a battery operated small sim router which cost e.53.00 which works ok. So my wife waited until Wednesday to give them an extra day just in case “its not here, I do not know when it will be back,” a few words were exchanged without any help but they would phone us when it arrives. So now another week plus has passed and I called in, the girl was completely unhelpful she did not make any effort to find out where the router was or what stage of repair she just did not care.

So Reliability of the equipment Orange sells is zero.

Customer service of Orange is zero there staff do not give a damn about the customers and do not make the slightest effort to assist customers they are just sullen and want you to get out of the shop, if you want to buy something that is different but any problems “GO to Hell”

Caro & Michael Biswell

We are well into the second year of covid infections and for all we know it might even be the third year as the Chinese have not been the most open and informative in regards as to when this actually started or even where it started. They must think we are all batty, a little bit of humour, if that is at all possible with vast numbers of people around the world who are dying in their thousands on a daily basis. One thing that seems clear at this moment is that vaccination does not give people a 100% protection from this illness, what it does do is it reduces the level of infection that most will recover from and reduces the chances of death dramatically which is a big plus.

What is not helpful is endless newspapers and so called experts screaming murder and genocide just to get their names into the public eye or to sell a few more newspapers. But what makes matters even worse is all these political hacks and has been politicians screaming abuse, when even the most expert of experts does not really know what is the way forward.

What we should know by now is Covid19 is here to stay. All the shouting and hollering will not stop this from continuing, and it will continue basically forever. So, the only question we have to answer is how do we live with it? well if everyone was to get vaccinated that would be a great help, but obviously that isn’t going to happen. Some people just will not do it no matter what. They do not believe in it, but if the vast majority do get it it all helps, if the infection rate in the UK starts to decline amongst the younger adults that would be a good thing. But what is more important is for everyone in the UK to all act and work together to solve a national problem and not use Covid19 as political football to score points, whatever your beliefs what ever your political views you all need to work together.

M D Bosc

Michael Douglas Bosc

Michael Biswell

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