So here we are 2 years on from covid and gradually getting back to normal. However in this time we’ve had a few things go wrong. Michael was diagnosed with a stomach tumor which thank God is non malignant, but it was a scary time with lots of tests and stuff. So nothing much was posted here but the Forest still managed to cheer us up by showing the odd secret, or glimpse of the life we share our home with.

Bum tthe Badger is still going strong and we’ve seen him a few times during the winter. Not the black and white type of badger we get in the UK, but a slightly smaller one that’s a sort of Sable colour. But as we only get that glimpse of his backside bobbing along the road as he runs ahead of the car I can’t say exactly what he looks like. Then the other day as we entered the Forest we saw a very pretty woodpecker normally Woody Woodpecker (yes he’s been named) is black and red but this one looked quite exotic. I have repositioned some of the cameras but no wildlife as yet but I can tell you that there is a bee that has taken a fancy to one of our security cameras must bee love………………

The fish eagles are back along the river we often see them hunting when we drive into town. We know they are OK and are breeding as we saw them with two young a whilst ago. The one thing we have noticed is the absence of the goats. Nothing on the masa or along the river only the boar are active. I do hope they will come back we’ve also lost a few of our birds but I think that’s due to the wild/ferrel cars that have been hanging around these past 2 years. I intend to keep blogging from now as life is getting back to normal. I also hope to have pictures I carry my tablet when we go out just incase.

Keep well and safe people

Its a funny old world isn’t it. In the middle of last year Dominic Cummings was fire proof, the centre of the known universe impervious to all criticism and the most hated person in number 10 Downing Street. Every newspaper hated him with a vengeance without exception, right across the political spectrum from the extreme right to the extreme left and usually for the same reasons, he had his own agenda and he had too much power, the swine.

A few months later, what was that horror film called “CARRIE” yes Carrie and for poor Dominic it was indeed a horror story. He went from being at the very peak of the decision making coterie to walking out with a cardboard box and a wry smile on his face. Off he trudged out into the ugly old world ready to be attacked with all the brickbats of hatred from all his opinionated enemies, but no!

All these so called enemies were suddenly his greatest supporters. Newspapers literally threw money at him, vast sums of money, and the BBC? well like the FBI they had his photograph on their public enemy number one board as the anti-Christ, the devil incarnate, who should never be communicated with, but now he was suddenly their Besty, BFF and sleepover pal, I wonder why?

Boris Johnson, and the chattering classes hate him, oh my do they hate him. They hate him so much that now they like Dominic Cummings gosh yes they love him! Come and talk to us Dominic welcome to the Houses of Parliament, speak to the world Mr Hunt said. This from the man who was Health Secretary for six years before the pandemic and planned for nothing but is now the expert, the ultimate expert, on Cocid19, gosh! Yes, a know all know nothing and he is Dominic Cummings Besty.

Now the BBC, not to be out done by the other Pariahs who hate Boris will give Dominic Cummings the full celebrity treatment as if he were Princess Diana. Have they got their top interviewer Mr Martin Bashir, or some other mediocre political hack to carry out the attempted assassination? ET TU Dominic, loyalty, that is how the UK media operates. not pleasant viewing, will they have thumbs up or thumbs down.

Nobody likes Dominic Cummings, not even his friends like him and this shows everything that is wrong with English politics.

The Ugly Englishman.

M D Bosc

Michael Douglas Bosc

Michael Biswell




Some while ago our TP link router failed and my wife took it to the Orange shop in Mora D’ebre and purchased a new one, so far so good, my wifes smart phone ran out of data storage because of all the add on’s so she bought a new one and informed the girl that she needed the same phone number which the girl said yes no problem, she phoned me then I tried to phone her without success, Carol phoned a friend and he tried to phone her back without success, he checked the incoming number and it was different, two days of arguing with the girl and finally someone worked out she had not cleared down the computer screen and had allocated different number, problem finally sorted.

Three weeks ago our TP link router failed.

So my wife took the router to the shop in Mora D’ebre, two different persons serving, “it is under warranty, we have to send it away to be repaired” fine said my wife and left it there, she called in a few days later to check on progress and was informed “it will be back Tuesday” so now we would be without a router for close on another week, so she decided to purchase a battery operated small sim router which cost e.53.00 which works ok. So my wife waited until Wednesday to give them an extra day just in case “its not here, I do not know when it will be back,” a few words were exchanged without any help but they would phone us when it arrives. So now another week plus has passed and I called in, the girl was completely unhelpful she did not make any effort to find out where the router was or what stage of repair she just did not care.

So Reliability of the equipment Orange sells is zero.

Customer service of Orange is zero there staff do not give a damn about the customers and do not make the slightest effort to assist customers they are just sullen and want you to get out of the shop, if you want to buy something that is different but any problems “GO to Hell”

Caro & Michael Biswell

We are well into the second year of covid infections and for all we know it might even be the third year as the Chinese have not been the most open and informative in regards as to when this actually started or even where it started. They must think we are all batty, a little bit of humour, if that is at all possible with vast numbers of people around the world who are dying in their thousands on a daily basis. One thing that seems clear at this moment is that vaccination does not give people a 100% protection from this illness, what it does do is it reduces the level of infection that most will recover from and reduces the chances of death dramatically which is a big plus.

What is not helpful is endless newspapers and so called experts screaming murder and genocide just to get their names into the public eye or to sell a few more newspapers. But what makes matters even worse is all these political hacks and has been politicians screaming abuse, when even the most expert of experts does not really know what is the way forward.

What we should know by now is Covid19 is here to stay. All the shouting and hollering will not stop this from continuing, and it will continue basically forever. So, the only question we have to answer is how do we live with it? well if everyone was to get vaccinated that would be a great help, but obviously that isn’t going to happen. Some people just will not do it no matter what. They do not believe in it, but if the vast majority do get it it all helps, if the infection rate in the UK starts to decline amongst the younger adults that would be a good thing. But what is more important is for everyone in the UK to all act and work together to solve a national problem and not use Covid19 as political football to score points, whatever your beliefs what ever your political views you all need to work together.

M D Bosc

Michael Douglas Bosc

Michael Biswell

Have you been swimming around the coast of Kent, Hampshire and Sussex in the last few years? have you been sick? then why not sue Southern Water, because they have tried to make you very ill in the pursuit of profit. How is this for a quote by Mr Justice Jeremy Johnson, about Southern Water.

“showed a shocking and wholesale disregard for the environment, for the precious and delicate ecosystems along the north Kent and Solent coastlines, to human health and to the fisheries and other legitimate businesses that depend on the vitality of the coastal waters”.

And he also stated that the acts were “Deliberate”! but the company said the acts were down to negligence. In fact 6,971 acts of negligence, as a result Southern Water was fined £90million this week. However in 2017 they were fined £20million as well. The company states this will be paid by the shareholders – perhaps on paper – but you know that it will come out of your pocket. This is all terrible and disgusting but these are criminal acts, not criminal act by southern water, but criminal acts by the executives and directors of Southern Water. So my question is this, why are these people not in jail? These people could have made thousands of people seriously ill, and the number of times this has occurred? 6,971 times. Where sewage has been pumped out into the rivers and sea indicates a total lack of care for the general public. In the UK white collar crime is considered almost victimless and as such not treated by the courts with the same severity, look at RBS how many bankers went to prison? none! These people have a duty of care, not only to supply clean water that is fit to drink but also for the general health and wellbeing of the public by their actions when disposing and treating of human waste.

What this also shows is that certain monopoly supply companies cannot be trusted. Water is a human right but what this case clearly shows is firstly the regulator is completely incompetent. How many times did they visit these treatment plants? how much testing of the rivers and sea water was carried out? it would have come to light immediately if the regulator had done their job properly, but it also shows clearly that the Environment Agency have not done their job properly either, thus failing in their legal duties to the wellbeing of the general public and wildlife.

But alas these companies have only one view, the bottom line on their spreadsheets. How much profit will they make by doing nothing? This government has shown that it not afraid to take action, they have nationalised the railways, however water and waste treatment is far more important. NOW is the time to take action and bring monopoly companies back into public ownership.


Michael Douglas Bosc

Michael Biswell

I received an email from Linkedin about all the people who are about to resign and start a new job in an economy that will be booming from all the economic stimulus that has been applied by central banks and governments, hmm,!! First of all I am retired certainly not wealthy but OK. So am I the right person to be giving young people advise on job security, remember that word, job security. Iif there is going to be a shortage of qualified employees would your current employer be prepared to put his or her hand in the purse and pay you plenty of money or would they say, glad to see the back of that dumb ass, wish they had gone years ago?

So before you take a giant step for mankind check your own personal standing, are you over qualified for the job you are doing? are you Sheldon Cooper or Andy Capp? also would someone want to employ Sheldon Cooper, I know I would have question marks about it sometimes a sensible well rounded person is far more valuable to a companies success. There is also one other point which needs to be considered, are you happy doing your job, do you get up in the morning thinking those French fries smell real good I could eat them all or do you say why have I got all this grease all over my hands, I could be working in the kitchen of the Waldorf Astoria serving up five star dishes, or perhaps not. Are you a financial wiz kid or are you broke by Saturday afternoon?

So many things to consider, safety, security, money in the bank, a mortgage to pay, and it would be nice if you enjoyed the job, or have you got great big holes in your hand where the money runs out and flows down the drain?

I am retired got a small regular income every week and its not bad, this could be you in forty or fifty years time if you don’t chuck it all away.

Michael Douglas Bosc Author

M D Bosc

Michael Biswell

I was a member of the Labour Party on the White City Estate, branch secretary and membership secretary of the constituency. The local councillors worked endlessly for the local people and with council employees turned a dangerous and run down estate into a place where everyone wanted to live, people even bought their flats there. The drug dealers were driven out, not by the police I might add but by local residents, who took them on on their own terms face to face. The local MP Clive Soley was a good solid caring person who made himself available to all, and ensured local people got their fair shares.

I noticed a change when Lord Clive Soley retired and immediately moved out of the constituency. Labour politicians no longer wanted to help those without, now all they wanted to do was their hard-line political philosophy’s, suddenly you had to be extreme. But as successive conservative governments have shown, if you ignore the people who elect you, the end comes quickly.

I retired and moved on. now I live in Spain. I voted to remain, but continue to live on a little Finca in the countryside, cheap and cheerful but still look at the political scene in the UK. Separatist, extremists, you can see why the conservatives keep winning, the left-wing intelligentsia seem to control the media output and it is all totally negative. Plus the Union movement and Labour have drifted apart and no longer have a message for the poor working people so they do not vote for them.

So when I saw the by-election result last week, the conservatives loosing a rock solid seat I thought change? but then I looked at the figures, not good, was this tactical voting or suicide by labour? Lib Dems got their vote out 100% all the Labour votes went to the Lib Dems and two thirds of the Greens went to the Lib Dems, the conservatives all stayed at home it looks like Orpington all over again.


This was not a good sign for Labour, Hard Times ahead??.

Michael Biswell

Michael Douglas Bosc

M D Bosc

In 1946 when the Beveridge report was presented and the National Health Service was first considered as a universal right of all people in a civilised country there was one group of people in the United Kingdom who were totally opposed to this concept, they were Doctors. Yes Doctors and why were they opposed, the answer, Money! yes Money!

Today in 2021seventy three years after the NHS act became law in 1948 there is one group of people in the United Kingdom who are totally opposed to any reform of the NHS and those people are Doctors, shocked? and why are doctors totally opposed the answer is Money! Strange, we seem to have gone round in a full circle.

In 1946 doctors had private patients but many of them had the shilling a month from individuals and some had health insurance so a nice steady income. Today the money comes from the government and it is convoluted and intricate with much regulation an ideal system to make money in and if you know how to work the system you can make a lot of money.

Today in the USA the Supreme Court ruled by seven to two in favour of the affordable care act.

When this law came in to force I thought then this is here to stay, and why? Money! Governments will pay to keep people alive using the most expensive drugs in existence, they do not like being called skin flints when some pretty little child is dying of an illness I have never heard of but the drugs cost one and a half million.

Someone is making money somewhere! Drug companies are making big money because they have a big organisation to sell into, talk to any of the big drug companies and they will tell you they love the NHS, like Topsy, it keeps getting bigger because people take drugs, get drunk. So every medical and mental related illness real or imagined, plus all of a modern societies ailments and suffering ends up in an NHS Hospital making them the dumping ground of Britain’s Rubbish.

But in the USA the government does not own the hospitals they are merely conduits through which money passes. The doctors get rich no matter what the system is. But if America can keep the bums out of the hospitals the affordable care act will succeed people will get treatment, affordable treatment, everyone is a taxpayer after all.

Michael Douglas Bosc Author

Michael Biswell

My mother and father were both butchers during the 1920s and 30s they managed a shop in Stoke Newington for West’s butchers a large company of the time.

 In the late thirties they decided to start a family a daughter arrived in 1936 and another one was on the way in 1939 when somebody declared war, that was not good.

Dad by now ran a shop in Walthamstow and so built a chicken run at the side of the house and purchased some Rhode Island reds, good layers and in the small square tiny garden at the back of the house filled it up with rabbit hutches and Rabbits and we know what rabbits do, they breed. Dad said people were selling everything at that time and it was a good time to buy.

Rationing started and everything that people took for granted was suddenly in short supply, the very basics of life were all now luxuries. It was a good time to be a vegetarian, virtually all other foods apart from bread was difficult to find.

One day a friend of my father’s said, “can you dome a favour?”

“What do you want?”

“I have got a couple of pigs.”

Now by this time nobody had a couple of pigs everything on four legs was registered and tagged, “they need to be slaughtered and butchered.”

A price was agreed and on that Friday evening a van arrived at the back of the shop and two pigs were ushered in, that night he slaughtered them and prepared them keeping the blood and a few odd pieces and Saturday evening they were butchered and put in the cold room.

He strolled down to the pub for a well-earned pint and got talking to an acquaintance from another shop, “by the way “he said “I hear the meat inspector will be at your shop first thing Monday morning.”

“Oh, much obliged” as he swiftly drank the beer and headed out to the nearest telephone. Urgent calls were made, and Dad could only think of the big black gates at Pentonville prison as he waited in some trepidation.  In the early hours of Sunday morning the van arrived and everything was loaded including the black puddings and all the offal, he couldn’t have anything there that hadn’t been delivered.

Monday morning arrived and waiting for him as he opened up was the inspector.

Dad decided it was time to give up the butchers game and worked in an engineering company making Bailey Bridges and became an ARP Warden for the rest of the war, I came along in 1943 not in the best of health and when I returned there were prefabs covering all the street in front of our family home.

The Germans had dropped a land mine on Cambridge Road taking out all of that road half of Beaconsfield Road a piece of Barnabas Road and a fair bit of Boundary Road plus the top half of Longfellow Road including half of our home but they didn’t get me I was in hospital trying not to die.

And as they say the rest is just history.

Michael Biswell

Michael Douglas Bosc (author)

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